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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Today was day two in the week in my life project. I didn't take quite as many photos (about half of yesterday), however I still got quite a few. I just kept forgetting...Hmmm...there is always tomorrow.

What I have liked about this project is the thought involved. The focusing on the little things, on real life. This is truly a "regular" week in our "regular" lives and I think it will be fantastic to have a record of it. I am planning some other little slice of life and at a glance pages for my book. I am pretty excited about it all.

Here are a few pictures to enjoy.

Chores. Frisbee golfing with Alex (I call this the "I have a really big hand" OR "Take my picture and I will shove that camera up your ...." picture), my Trader Joe's loot, Emily working hard at Dave's! (edited to note: Emily is not Emily's given name. Emily is Travis aka Travis Emily. We call him Emily or Nurse Emily and have since I've known him...Long story. Sorry about the confusion. His parents don't hate him. We do. No...just kidding. I love Emily!)

***On another note...my phone chimed with a new text message tonight. While that isn't an unusual occurrence the new message was...I was thrilled to get a photo from Renee of my sweet nephew Nicholas. Oh I miss him. I saw him a month ago, but I know that he is growing and changing day by day and I wish I could see more of it. Anyway I will take what I can get. Isn't he adorable?


  1. Excellent Tuesday. And, Nicholas is SO adorable!! Looks like a little sweetheart too.

  2. Yeah ok, so you are missing some butt in that first picture. But really, what can you do? I still say you let Troy "have at it!"

    I like Alex ... he's like a famous person & you're the paparazzi. Great!

    Ahhh Nick ... such a cutie!

  3. I'm confused. Is Emily a boy? If so, I hope Emily is a nickname because if someone named him Emily on purpose, they need to be punched. And punched hard. Sorry, but that's just mean.

  4. Nice. Your life is just as exciting as mine. I can't wait to see the album. It would be neat to make four in a year-one for each season.
    Go Jerrie!


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