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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Cheryl!

So, today is Cheryl's birthday. She is 29 as well I think. All these people I know turning 29...Hmmm....

Anyway...Cheryl and I went out to celebrate her (uh-hem) 29th birthday with a fabulous lunch at Pad Thai, which happened to have the worst service ever. However, the food was good as to redeem itself. Is it really so hard for someone who is in the service industry to smile? Like just a little grin? And how about not make it seem like an inconvenience when you order? Hmmm...it is a restaurant, is it not? Some people are not meant for customer service.

Okay. Enough. Of. That.

We ate Thai food (yum), went to Barnes & Noble (see my new acquisitions on the book blog), went to Fred Meyer for a tour of their holiday decor, and to Baskin Robbins for what may possibly be the BEST not-ice cream ever, Daiquiri Ice (lower left hand corner).
Here we are! See? We are happily celebrating! Happy Day Cheryl!


  1. I made the first comment WOOOHOOOO!!!! YHEAHHA!!!


  2. Sounds like a fun birthday outing for Cheryl (except for the service at the restaurant!). Good food can make up for any other shortcomings! And what a cute picture of you two to commemorate the event, the '29th' birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday Cheryl, 29 again, good for you!
    Speaking of customer non-service, has anyone run into Gloria at Macy's housewares this season?-OH MY!
    Love the way she rolls her eyes about the other customers, bitches about them as they leave and then moves as slow at freakin' possible to let you know that you are a total pain in her miserable little life. Yes, I am writing Macy's a LETTER OF COMPLAINT. Everyone is entitled to a bad day but she has had two on my time and dime!
    With all the unemployment these people should be replaced!
    Okay, I'm done.

  4. Thanks for a groovy day ... I very much appreciate it. I feel like a very young 29 to be honest with you. I plan to stay 29 forever ... in more ways than one. :) And don't forget, I'm skinny today! :)

  5. I'm trying to leave a clever comment, but my eyes are totally stuck on the icecream pic and I... cant...look... away...


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