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Sunday, March 08, 2009

my broken brother.

Ok. So, he isn't really broken. Just his arm. Work place injury involving a mixer hanging from a ceiling, a winch, and a faulty bolt. I have heard the story twice but am still a little fuzzy...trying to remember all the details of all of his injuries would make me crazy.
My "little" brother is a tad accident prone. He could go by accident Alex.
How about a list, I will try to remember them all...
*sprayed degreaser in his eyes when he was around a year old (this was probably the most traumatic for me since I helped hold him down - remember I was 14 - while my mom filled out paperwork)
*burned hand on a wood stove when he was learning to walk
*dislocated shoulder when about 3 or 4
*fell off a roof when he was around 4 or so...He walked crooked for months.
*cyst removed from eyebrow...kinda weird marble sized cyst that you could move around...eeewwww!
**then he had a few accident free years**
*knee surgery (ACL and meniscus) due to...undisclosed injury - let's say baseball.
*machete wound to other knee
*broken left arm - rode his scooter (motorized) off a loading dock - don't ask. Well you can, but we may just say..."Uh...Alex."
*Ganglion Cyst. I covered that here.
*NOW - broken right arm.

So, did I leave any out mom?
Oh. And there was the time he got hit in the head when playing baseball, but that didn't require an ER trip...oh Alex.

As Troy says, "Alex's skeleton will tell an interesting story."


  1. Poor, poor Alex! Let's hope it heals SUPER fast & there is lots of workman's comp heading his way!

  2. Thank goodness it was only a broken arm! How scary! My youngest brother is very much like that...broke both arms at some point, broken collar bones, dislocated this. Eh.

    Like Cheryl said, hope he heals fast and worker's comp, etc. Maybe if you brought me some cupcakes he would feel better. I'm just sure that would do it.

  3. Your run-down of his accidents is hilarious,but I'm glad he's ok (other than the broken arm). :)

  4. How do I make my post a comment dilly look like yours? HMMMM?

  5. YES one thing you forgot was that when he has very high temps he becomes delirious. Dad had to cool him down in the shower. other than that you got him nailed.


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