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Sunday, March 01, 2009

she's a beauty.

It was right around age 13 that I fell in love with the University of Washington campus. David (my stepdad) took me there along with my cousin (yes, Lorinda) and a couple friends. We walked the campus. Looked in the buildings. And, while I didn't attend this university, I have always held a special place in my heart for it. So, this weekend when Troy and I went to Seattle we stayed in the U District, strolled the campus, visited the Burke Museum, went to U Village and Trophy Cupcakes (brought home a dozen -YUM).

The UW - she is a beauty.

An anniversary celebration wouldn't be complete without cocktails. We went to The District. I had a (couple) Yazi Kazis - made with ginger vodka (there was a piece of candied ginger at the bottom of the glass - LoVeD it!). Fabulous.

Perfect anniversary trip with my hubby. Fourteen years! - we've made it through the seven year itch twice! :)


  1. Very pretty post. Happy anniversary top a great couple. I am glad you could get away and have a good time. Love the U District too.

  2. Happy Anniversary and congratulations on 14 happy years together! Nice pictures of UW.

  3. Happy Anniversary! (Our 14th is in a few days too!)

    Nice pictures. I really like the first one.

    You also caught the elusive moon that I tried to get on Friday night but had disappeared behind the clouds before I got home! :o(

  4. Ooohh! Fun. Glad you got to have a nice adventure. So pretty. The UW campus is great, and that whole area is so fun.


  5. I do like the fuzzy picture - oh to be in your head after a few drinks! lol I'm glad you guys had a good time. Too bad you weren't feeling better though - next time! :)

  6. Happy anniversary! I waited and waited for you to bring me my cupcake last night. I'm sure you were probably busy unpacking though. Perhaps you'll bring it tonight?

  7. your prediction is great i think i will go out shopping and try it out by standing close to a door that dosen't open automaticly.

  8. Happy anniversary! We too stayed in the U district on Saturday night. We stayed at the Watertown Hotel...pretty nice digs! I love the UW--the medical campus has a special place in my heart!



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