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Monday, October 05, 2009

Mondays with Mabel

Mabel has had a pretty good week. Lots of attention from Troy which means she's feeling a little bit like her old self.

This is Mabel's hub. Evidently this means that her brakes are in working order (every girl needs brakes) and her wheel cylinders are in (uh...I don't know what that means). Evidently, she just needs her brake lines bled (what? ick!) and she's good to go...or to stop...you understand, right?
Here's her grill...ya..spicy! Both fenders and grill have been sanded and painted (this paint is like her foundation...more beauty to come). Notice the headlights are missing...uh oh!

And...now this is exciting. SEAT COVERS! Makes her much more attractive...her old seats weren't really seats...more like lawn chairs with big holes...Now, with these beautiful olive drab seat covers she is much more inviting!

There she is. Lots of hard work (much thanks to Alex who spent his Saturday sanding and painting and cleaning) and love and she's looking better everyday.

If you live local and haven't seen Mabel yet make sure to stop by...she loves visitors.


  1. Ah, yes, bleeding the brakes... I've assisted with that task many, many times in my days with Joel Thomas.

    Mabel is looking good!!

  2. 2 whole seats now? I thought she was going to be daring with just 1! lol

    And I have to say, Mabel doesn't get excited when I come over. What's up with that? :(

  3. Your husband seems determined to beautify Mabel. Mine has his "ladies" in the wife-free zone and they don't get much attention, maybe he should move them closer, then again maybe not! I'm impressed with Troy's progress, of course, I'm sure there's a wife behind the scenes providing much needed support in the way of nutrition and encouragement :)


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